Colon Hydrotherapy FAQ


Q. WHAT is colon hydrotherapy?

A. A safe, effective method for cleansing the colon of waste material (including impacted fecal matter) by repeated, gentle flushing with water. 

Q. what is the colon and how long is it?

A. Your colon, or large intestine, is an organ of the digestive system. In total your small intestine and large intestine are approximately 25-30 feet long, with the large intestine being about 5 feet long and 2 1/2 inches in diameter. The colon's main function is to eliminate waste and conserve water. 


A. Symptoms of an unhealthy colon can include constipation, diarrhea, chronic gas, bloating, acne, lethargy, mood swings, allergies and headaches.


AColon hydrotherapy has been known to speed detox, improve digestion, prevent constipation, increase energy and concentration, support overall colon health and aid in the proliferation of healthy gut flora.

Q. is the colonic BED an open or closed SYSTEM?

A. At Aqua Soothe Colon Hydrotherapy we utilize a state-of-the-art, open system colonic bed that is FDA-registered.

Q. is using the colonic bed hygienic?

A.  Yes! We take pride in providing clients with a hygienic environment and clean colonic system. With our LIBBE open system colonic bed we use disposable rectal tubes (size of a pencil). After each client, the bed along with the bathroom suite are disinfected, restocked and prepared for the next client. 

Q. What kind of water is used for the bed?

A. The LIBBE system uses safe ultra-violet filtered water.

Q. where does the waste go?

A. With an open system colonic bed, filtered water gently flows through the rectal tube into the colon. The client then releases the waste out whenever he or she gets the urge to have a movement. The waste and water are expelled around the rectal tube into the basin.

Q. is getting a colon cleanse EMBARRASSING?

A. At Aqua Soothe Colon Hydrotherapy our mission is to have every client feel entirely comfortable during their cleanse. We always maintain a high level of respect for our clients. The colonic bed is located in a private room filled with soothing sounds, soft lighting and essential oils to help relax the body and mind. After our therapist assists the client in preparing for the colon hydrotherapy session, the clients have the option of having the room all to themselves or having the therapist assisting in the room. Clients are completely covered throughout the appointment to maintain dignity, and a heating pad and self-massager are available to encourage relaxation of the gut.

Q. is a colonic painful?

A. Most clients would agree that a colonic is not painful and is in fact enjoyable. A colonic cleanses the colon creating a feeling of lightness. For some, a mild discomfort may occur from tension and resistance. The warm water, heating pad and belly massager will help to relax the gut in order to expel any waste with ease.


Q. can i get a colonic during Menstruation?

A. Absolutely! Many women find a colonic to improve menstrual symptoms, including reduced bloating, cramps, headaches and abdominal pressure. 


Q. How do i prepare for a colon cleanse?

A. No eating two hours before the appointment, but drinking water to remain hydrated is beneficial. A bowel movement is not necessary prior to the appointment Although, bowel movement prior to the appointment will speed along the process of eliminating waste material, especially impacted fecal matter.

Q. WHAT CAN I EXPECT during my first colonic APPOINTMENT?

A. After the new patient paperwork is completed the client will be taken back to a private suite where the colonic bed and bathroom is located. The client will only need to remove clothing below the waist (socks can remain on if the client prefers). Either a medical gown or towel can be used to cover the lower half. Once the client is ready, they will lie back down on the colonic bed, legs slightly elevated and hips placed near the basin. Our therapist will then connect the rectal tube to the water line. Privacy is then given to the client so that the tube can be gently administered about an inch into the rectum. Once complete, our therapist will return to the suite to assist in starting the water flow. At this time the client is left alone to cleanse in private or has the option of having the therapist in the room. 

During the cleanse warm, filtered water will gently fill the colon. Once the client gets the urge to defecate, they push the waste material out into the basin below their hips. This process continues for approximately 45 minutes.  It is recommended that clients hold onto the water as long as possible to aid in removing impacted matter and to exercise the colon. The water controls are located beside the colonic bed so the client has the ability to turn up or down the water flow.

Once the cleanse is complete, our therapist will return to the room to turn off the water. The client then pushes the remaining water and waste into the basin and gently removes the disposable rectum tube. To remove any additional waste, the client uses the restroom and returns to their street clothing. 

Q. what can i expect after my colonic?

A. After the colonic most people feel rejuvenated, light and clean. We recommend eating very lightly (soups and juices are best) and drinking plenty of water for the next 24 hours. For some, bowel movements may continue just after the colon cleanse.


A. This depends entirely on each individuals health goals, but in order to eliminate years of built up toxic waste inside the colon multiple cleanses will be necessary. Talk with our trained therapist for more insight on how many and how often colonics will be needed.

Q. do you have any recommendations for at-home laxatives?

A. We carry Colon Max and other remedies for constipation. Ask our therapist for more information on our supplement lines, Advanced Naturals.



Detox Foot Spas FAQ


Q. WHAT IS a detox foot spa?

A.  The NRG Works Foot Spa was designed to help detoxify and energize the body. It helps detoxify the body by pulling positively charged substances, like toxins, heavy metals, parasites, viruses, and bacteria out of the body via negatively charged ions. The NRG system also has an energizing effect on the cells by donating electrons to the body to neutralize free radical formation and charging the body up so it can heal quicker from injuries, aliments, or illness. The foot spa has the potential to decrease blood pressure, decrease cholesterol levels, break up plaque formation, clear cellular debris, increase circulation, reduce water retention, and stimulate a natural detoxifying process.

Q. Why are detox foot spas important?

A. Environmental stresses like food processing, preservatives, toxins, chemicals, pollution, synthetics, and radiation surround us, yet no matter how many supplements we take or good food we eat, it never seems to be enough. With the aid of a Detox Foot Spa, the body can purge heavy metals, balance the body's ph level, reduce inflammation, purge yeast, detoxify the liver, cleanse the body internally, cleanse the kidney, help rid the body of parasites and enhance the body's immune system. 

Q. WHAT can i expect during a detox foot spa?

A. Detox Foot Spas are a relaxing way to rid the body of built up toxins. After new clients complete the NRG Foot Spa paperwork, they'll be seated comfortably in front of a bath of warm water. An array, which aids in the process of eliminating toxins, is placed in the bath along with a little salt. The client then places both feet in the warm water. When placing your feet in the warm water, they are entering a negatively charged ionic field, because opposites attract, the negative charge attracts positively charged ions from the body, which then are pulled out through the large pores of the feet. The feet have some of the largest pores in the body. They sweat, and were designed to detox the body. During the foot detox, the client can sit back and relax or observe the water throughout the 40 minute session. When the session is complete, the client will remove their feet to clean them of any residuals leftover from the cleanse. Most individuals feel clean and much lighter after their detox foot spa. 

Q. how many sessions do i need?

A. The number of foot detox sessions needed varies from person to person. Ask our therapist for more information on recommended frequency of use.