Detox Foot Spas


NRG Detox Foot Spas

Imagine a health therapy that doesn't require pills, drugs or pain. Imagine a therapy that uses energy and water to increase the natural healing ability of the body without painful side effects. You can get this with the NRG detox food spa! Environmental stresses like food processing, preservatives, toxins, chemicals, pollution, synthetics, and radiation are factors in every part of our lives. Consequently, environmental toxins have become the leading source of illness in our current industrial way of life. 

Our body depends on energy, and its capacity to use energy, in order to heal from ailments and injuries. Because our present way of life exposes us to so many toxins, our bodies use a disproportionate amount of energy to deal with these intrusive toxins, instead of their energy for the natural functions.

The NRG Works foot spa is a bioelectric device that utilizes electricity and water to energize the body and enhance its natural capacity to detoxify. It is the latest in personal care technologies developed by researchers and scientists as a therapeutic aid for greater health and wellbeing. 

Blood samples taken from clients before and after receiving foot spa treatments have demonstrated significant improvements in client's cellular health. The samples show coagulation and disfiguration of the plasma blood cells before treatments - and hydrated, differentiated cells after treatments. These results help to confirm the energizing and detoxifying effects of the foot spa on the inner domains of the body. The NRG foot spa takes advantage of the body's electrical nature to generate enhanced, long-lasting energy vitality.

Our energy level reflects our body's bioelectrical activity. When we feel unnaturally "tired", our cells are not functioning at optimal levels. Exposure to toxic substances, ingestion of foods lacking sufficient nutrients, living high stress lifestyles and getting little exercise greatly diminishes our bodies' naturally vibrant energy levels. It is believed that NRG rejuvenates the body's natural bioelectrical stimulation of the entire body through the feet and elimination of toxic substances from the body


Benefits of Using Detox Foot Spas

• People have experienced increased energy, clarity of mind, calming of emotion, better sleep and heightened physical wellbeing

• Many people who have used the foot spas for several months or longer have noticed they not only feel younger, but they look younger too!! Detox foot spas may have a youthful effect on the body.

• Energizing and detoxifying the body may enable people to heal more effectively from various diseases.