Colon Hydrotherapy

Photo by Deklofenak/iStock / Getty Images

The most unimaginable, despised and neglected part of the body, the colon, is the cause of wide spread, degenerative diseases in modern civilization. In the treatment of every chronic disease and acute malady, the colon must be considered. The average colon in civilized communities is in a desperately deprived and dangerous condition.

What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is a soothing flow of filtered, temperature-controlled water gently circulating throughout the colon by way of a sterile, disposable rectal tube, coaxing your body to yield the digested toxins and waste that may have built up inside. Water in = waste matter flushed out. Colon hydrotherapy is an ancient, time-honored, gentle cleansing of the colon that dates back many years



If you have ever eaten junk food, fatty food, sweets, caffeine, soda pop, chemically treated and preserved foods, processed food, too much or too little food, or in fact, anything that modern culture deems edible, you will benefit from colon hydrotherapy.

How can cleaning my colon help?

The colon is a reflex organ, meaning there are electrical connections to all other parts and systems of the body. When waste material has accumulated over a long period of time it breaks down and becomes toxic. The body responds by slowing down other functions. This causes constipation and sluggish bowel movements which affect all other systems of the body.

Colon hydrotherapy has not only been shown to increase the functioning of your colon, but has helped with depression, fatigue, allergies, irritability, asthma, backaches, acne and much more. Clients have noted improved range of motion, skin tightening, feeling younger, and an overall relief from many ailments of the body.

Colon hydrotherapy sessions are soothing, relaxing, and very private. Colon hydrotherapy allows you to rid your body of toxic waste. A clean colon prevents disease. The goal is to help you regain vibrant health.